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Frequent questions

Guatemala radio online. We have the best radio and television stations in the entire Republic of Guatemala, the most up-to-date media directory in the country.

Solutions to navigate this website

Now you can have Contact us direct to the booth of each Radio and Television online, you can participate in their Live programming, Sending Whatsapp,Messenger,Twitter or make calls

Note: The most common problem for browsing: Is using the Internet explorer browser, old versions and outdated browsers that do not support Html5 and also Now that the streaming of a radio or television station is not with HTTPS security protocol this problem occurs in Google Chrome.

We recommend using Microsoft Edge Chromium, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox if you have problems with the desktop version of Chrome you should update it.

Android native browser

“ Unfortunately this browser does not support many audio and video sources which causes you not to enjoy all the content of radiosdeguate in its entirety. Please Use another web browser.”

At night there is no audio on the radio station

“ Some radio stations close their online transmission at the end of the last shift in the booth. resetting the morning after the start of the first shift at the station. ”

Do I have to pay to add a station or television to the directory?

“ Adding a media to the directory is free. ”

I listen to Radios and Television with interruption

“ The first thing that can happen is that your Internet connection is very low. for television you need a minimum of 1 Mega onwards. The latter may be a problem with your mobile device or desktop.”

I can't find a station or television on the website

“ It may be that the station is no longer available in the directory, it was moved or renamed. Get in Contact us with About us to add media. use our internal search engine to locate the content– Use the search engine to find the medium you are looking for.”

Can I send you my new theme to promote it on the stations?

“ Sorry, at the moment we do not have the possibility of promoting Musical productions by this means, it must be direct with each radio or television station.”

Add Radios that are not on FM OR AM

“ Sorry, our policies do not allow you to enter radio stations that are only on the Internet.”

Add Television

“ We are happy to add your Online TV channel.”

Contact us by Facebook Messenger

“ Report or add Radio or Television to the website: Contact us on Facebook

We have the best live radio and television stations in Guatemala, the best 24-hour online communication media chapines are here, all the radio and live TV companies in Guatemala are just one click away.

Live Radio and Television from Guatemala

We have the best radio and television stations in the entire Republic of Guatemala, the most up-to-date media directory in the country.

Connect wherever you are to your favorite media.

What is live online streaming?

Live Streaming ♫ of video and Live Audio is provided online to the audience via the Internet.

All you need is a device with internet access, such as a computer, a smartphone or tablet, to enable real-time streaming.